Denver International Airport

Informational Guide to Denver Airport (DEN) - NON OFFICIAL

Denver is the biggest and most populated city of the US Colorado state. The landscape of the is really impressing: Rocky Mountains on the western edge and sprawling High plains on the east. Its elevation above the sea level is approximately 580 feet. That’s why it’s a common thing for locals to call it a Mile High City. The climate in Denver is really favorable: mild, dry with four distinct seasons and seasonal precipitation (usually from April till the end of summer). Located high above the sea, Denver boasts with a shiny weather around the year and sun which is warmer in a rarefied atmosphere. If you are a fan of skiing then Denver is the best place to spend your winter holidays. Numerous resorts, Rocky Mountains and breathtaking landscapes are an integral part of this metropolis.

  • Due to its mild climate and nearby mountains Denver achieved a reputation an outdoor-oriented city with numerous activities. Locals prefer to spend their weekends skiing, skating, hiking and camping. No tourist would miss a chance to visit this fascinating city.
  • Denver’s population reaches more than 711 thousand people, and in the agglomeration – 2.853 million. Centuries ago, Denver was not a densely populated city. In 1858 the situation has changed as the golden rush started. This contributed to the growth of population in subsequent years.
  • Denver is also known for having one of the biggest downtown in the United Sates. It’ll take you to minutes to get from stadiums to the museums, colleges, art center, Colorado Convert Center with a famous statue of Blue Bear peeking into the window and some more tourist attractions. First-class hotels, restaurants and parks are available in a short walking distance right at the city center of Denver.
  • Taking into consideration global warming, Denver takes care of the environment rapidly becoming a model of a modern ecologically-sustainable metropolis.
  • Denver has a Performing Art Complex and the biggest airport in the United Sates, known as Denver International Airport (DEN).

Denver International Airport contact details

Address 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249, United States

The airport was built in 1995, replacing the old Stapleton Airport, which had 6 runways and was one of the busiest airports on Earth. Denver International airport also called a DEN  and takes the first place being the biggest US airport by total area (33,531 acres), serving Colorado state. DEN is very conveniently located, about 40 miles from the city center. DEN is one of the busiest airports in the world, ranking third among the United States. It has also been recognized as one of the best airports in the world.

Currently, Denver serves 25 airlines. Frontier and United Airlines use it as their major hub. It also serves as the base for Southwest Airlines. Air companies operating at DEN offer flights to about 215 routes including European countries, Asia and Latin America. It provides employment for more than 35,000 people being the main Colorado employer.

Fascinating and little-known facts about Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport has a bright, mysterious and interesting history.

So, let’s have a look at some fascinating facts:

  • The airport is 40 km away from the Denver downtown. Such location was chosen deliberately in order to avoid the spread of aircraft noise to residential areas, to provide the airport with large runways and opportunities for further expansion.
  • Denver airport is almost twice as big as DFW.
  • DEN is called “Art Galleries” for a reason. The airport is full of art, it’s literally everywhere. A sculpture of a gargoyle and a blue mustang, also known as Blucifer, greet passengers at the airport entrance. Inside, the walls are covered with paintings, art installations, sculptures located all over the entire airport den (terminals and corridors).
  • Unlike at the most world airports, DEN provide its visitors with outdoor terraces where hey can enjoy their time instead of being stacked at the noisy terminal. While waiting for the flight you can visit the patio at the West part of concourse A and B.
  • A sculptured roof is the distinguished features of the airport building. Its length is about three football fields. Where did the idea for such a complex and unusual design come from? The snowy peaks of the nearby Rocky Mountains inspired the Fentress company for creating such a bold design. This roof also transmits a lot of daylight, significantly reducing the use of electrical lightning and making Denver airport even more environmentally friendly.
  • Denver Airport is considered to be the greenest in the world. It cares about the environment and tries to prevent global warming by reducing the use of harmful toxic substances.